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Nue Collection

Recently, Nicole and I were contacted via Instagram by this amazing company, Nue Collection. They specialize in making super cool and trendy graphic t-shirts, sweatshirts and jackets. From the minute we were introduced to this line, we fell in love! The styles are adorable and truly fit all wants and needs. For me, as a […]

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Spoonful of Fashion | Spoonful of Shopping

slide sandals

So functional…so ‘on trend’…so many styles!!! Not gonna lie though…when I first saw that casual slide sandals (rubber, for the most part) were ‘back’ in style (from the 90’s) I immediately pondered, ‘how could ‘shower shoes’ be fashionable’? Well, the answer was, ‘simply’! I mean, the more I thought about it…flip flops (which, in the […]

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