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slide sandals

August 7, 2017

So functional…so ‘on trend’…so many styles!!!

Not gonna lie though…when I first saw that casual slide sandals (rubber, for the most part) were ‘back’ in style (from the 90’s) I immediately pondered, ‘how could ‘shower shoes’ be fashionable’? Well, the answer was, ‘simply’! I mean, the more I thought about it…flip flops (which, in the summer are a daily staple) were pretty much the same thing, but slide sandals offer some instant style! We are loving the satin, metallic and embellished looks. They are easy to throw on with a casual outfit, wear to go to a work out class, head on an errand (or 2…), or pick up the kids from camp!

Check out some of our favorites (all for under $50) and let us know which are your favorites!

Happy Shopping!


Jennifer & Nicole

1 shiny slides (on SALE!)|| 2 bow slides (own…LOVE!) || 3 embellished slides|| 4 plush slides|| 5 satin slides (2 colors, on SALE!)

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