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bump day denim

September 6, 2017

So…when it comes to maternity jeans, everyone has their preferences and opinions (duh!) If you are asking for mine, I prefer an over-the-belly fit. To me…they are more comfortable and keep everything pulled in. While I will admit that towards the end of pregnancy, an over-the-belly style can make you feel slightly overheated (as everything does, in the home stretch), I truly felt that throughout the duration of my pregnancies, this style worked best with my growing bump.

There are tons of maternity denim brands, both expensive and inexpensive. It seems crazy that you’d spend so much money on a pair (or 2) of jeans that have an expiration date, but you cannot sacrifice comfort (or style) ESPECIALLY when you are pregnant!

For me, personally, I LIVE in my jeans; whether distressed, dark denim, light denim, black denim or white denim, I always feel so much more confident in my jeans because they fit well ( I have learned to rationalize purchases….and if I feel good, it really helps me cope with what I’ve bought…#pregnantgirlproblems) As far as brands, my favorite has been AG denim during my pregnancies, however, I do also like: 7 for all mankind and articles of society. I have tried jeans from H&M and Target too. The H&M jeans run smaller whereas the Target jeans ran huge! Not to say that you won’t be able to find the right fit for you, but for me personally, these brands weren’t my favorites. I have yet to try topshop maternity denim…but there is still time, ya’ll!

I have ordered jeans online, but when I can, I really like to physically go to the store to try on my jeans. I will typically go to A Pea in the Pod at the mall for my jeans. However, you can order maternity denim through: Shopbop, Revolve, Nordstrom, Hatchcollection.com, Topshop, H&M and ASOS. As far as sizing, unless indicated differently, they tell you to purchase maternity jeans in the same size you would normally purchase jeans (so if you’re a 26 when you’re not pregnant, you are likely a 26 in maternity jeans, as well).

Let me know your favorite maternity jean styles and brands!

Shop some of my favorites, from A pea in the Pod, below!

Happy Shopping


xo, Jennifer & Nicole

1: FRAME \\ 2: Articles of Society \\ 3 AG  \\ 4 AG  \\ 5 7 for All Mankind\\ 6 7 for All Mankind\\ 7 AG \\ 8 AG

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