Hand Knitting

January 6, 2018

So…having been in the hospital for almost 4 weeks now (with 3 more to go), it is safe to say 2018 hasn’t started off with much going on for this mama. I have definitely been trying to keep myself busy (and sane) with reading, doing puzzles, watching Netflix, attempting the adult coloring craze and socializing with visitors. However, the most cathartic and obsessive thing I  have tried has been hand knitting!

OMG! Have any of you tried it?

I didn’t know, honestly, if I was cut out for it. But, not only does it pass the time, it is addicting! I literally want to make more for my kids…or whomever! (The nurses here have put in requests!) While I consider myself a ‘crafty’ and creative person, I would have never thought I would be able to do something like this. The yarn (and tools) were given to me by family friends from Woolly and Company; best gift EVER!

I searched youtube for tutorials and THIS one was the most clear and helpful. [Thank you Broad Wick Fibers]. I tried to do the ‘arm knitting’ method, but (a) I got frustrated (and hot) and (b) thought, if I had to get up for any reason, it would be difficult. Thus, I turned my hospital bed into a work table and got down to business!

It took me a few attempts to perfect the pattern, but, in the end, I got it! I really impressed myself! In all, the whole blanket probably took me somewhere around an hour or so, to make

I will share other projects that I start as well, but highly suggest this type of gift or activity for anyone who likes a peaceful craft with something to show for it!

Have any of you tried it?

Let me know

xo, Jennifer

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