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November 28, 2017

So…as a Mom (of almost 3)…I am always looking for reputable as well as safe and functional products to use with babies and toddlers. While there are 9,000 baby options to fit most needs and lifestyles, here are a few (new) products that I may need to try the third time around…if I haven’t already…


  1. Beebo: My husband always said, ” you need a third arm with a baby and a toddler…” and he isn’t joking! When you have 2 (or more) children seeking your attention, either for feeding and/or play, it becomes a challenge to manage. The Beebo, looks like it solves this issue! While, I do think it is important to be bonding while you feed your child and not get caught up in doing 100 other things, sometimes it is nice to go ‘hands free’. This shoulder product has a safe latch where the bottle fits inside. It allows you (the parent) to hold and feed the baby while also having one hand free to either…hold another child’s hand…turn pages in a book…or play (dolls, cars, puzzles, etc.).
  2. Lalabu shirt: We really didn’t ‘wear’ our first child (Harper) much. But, when our second (Leo) came along, it became more convenient to wear him…plus, he really seemed to like it. While I do love our Baby Bjorn, it is a bit bulky to strap on to wear just around the house. Plus, my husband and I had different adjustments depending on who was wearing the Bjorn. The lalabu shirt seems to offer a solution to this issue IF you happen to wearing it WHILE you need to also wear the baby. The shirts looks soft and easy to manage, but there is the small task of making sure it is accessible prior to needing it.
  3. Baby dam tub divider: This product seems genius…especially when you need to get the right angle to either wash or pick up your slippery baby from the tub. This product allows you to shrink and/or expand your tub needs while also sitting in the tub (and staying dry) with your infant/toddler. While I did love my 4Moms bath (with temperature guide) it is only functional for so long until the baby outgrows it. This tub divider actually grows with the baby and their needs…for more toys (and space) that is ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. squeeze spoons: I actually used these a TON with Harper, but my son sucks the pouches down so quickly, I don’t seem to need a spoon. One less thing to wash…(hooray!) But these attachable spoons are super easy to pack in a diaper or travel bag for your little one when they start with solids. It also makes feeding time a little less messy, especially if it happens to be on the go…
  5. Snoofybee: What an interesting name right? An interesting name for a very useful product! This changing pad is not only portable and easy to use, but it also has a built-in arm guard! It keeps baby and toddler’s hands away from any messes down below! How many times have you wished you’d had this product in your diaper bag already?! This may be one to add to the cart, now!
  6. ToteSavvy: This product is definitely one for any busy, hyper-organized, stylish Mom-on-the-go. Once my daughter was about 6 months old I began to HATE the diaper bag; it wasn’t for one reason…it was for many. I don’t know about any of you, but my diaper bag became so bulky that no matter how organized I was or how many labeled pouches or plastic bags I had, I could NEVER find what I wanted. Similarly, the bags got so heavy! If I didn’t want to ALSO carry my purse, I would toss in my phone, keys and wallet only to lose themย  somewhere in the diaper bag abyss (sigh!). Not to mention, when someone else was taking the baby somewhere, I usually ended up taking the few things out that I actually NEEDED and putting them in a lululemon bag. The totesavvy product not only comes in multiple sizes and colors to accommodate your needs as a Mom/parent, but this product allows you to organize your necessary items by only carrying your everyday tote! I mean…how genius?! No additional baggage…no messy large bag (…or luggage, as my dad calls the diaper bag…) and a built-in organizational system for even the most unlikely organized mother.

Have any of you seen/heard of/used these products? What do you think?

I’ll keep you posted on what I think (too) ๐Ÿ™‚



xo, Jennifer

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